Educational Resources

Varipro is dedicated to developing long-term relationships and sharing knowledge with our clients. Our goal is to enable everyone to be ‘Smart About Benefits!’.


Varipro SmartSheets

Varipro SmartSheets are simple explanations of complex health benefit topics. Click on the links below to learn more and become ‘Smart About Benefits!’.

What are Self-Funded Health Plans?

What is a TPA?

What is Stop-Loss Insurance?

What is Level Funding?

What is Reference-Based Pricing?

What is Claims Transparency?

What Are High Deductible Health Plans?

What is Employee Wellness?

What are Medical Expense Accounts: FSAs, HSAs, MSAs, and HRAs?

What Is A Pharmacy Benefits Manager?


Third Party Educational Resources

Below are third-party resources you may find helpful. When you click these links, you’ll leave the Varipro website.

Health Care Blue Book
Find out what you should expect to pay for healthcare services in your area with this search tool. Enter your zip code or city, along with a procedure, test, or service.

The US Government’s Medicare site. Find out if your test, item, or service is covered. Find health and drug plans. Apply for Medicare.

Medline Plus
The U.S. National Institutes of Health brings you trusted information from the National Library of Medicine. Find information on health, wellness, disorders, and conditions. Learn about prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbs, and supplements. Discover tutorials, videos, games, and quizzes.

Find out if and where prescription drugs are available on discount generic programs.

MedWatch is a premiere Utilization, Disease, and Case Management provider. They also provide health management to improve patient health and healthful lifestyles.

Pharmacy Checker
Compare prescription drug prices at verified US and online international pharmacies.

Planwatch is a web-based analysis and reporting tool used to examine the current and historical performance of health benefit programs.

Social Security
The US Government’s Social Security site. It contains information that can help you plan for your retirement. Get more information and services for managing your Social Security benefits.

State Health Facts
The Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts provides free and up-to-date health data for all 50 states and more. State Health Facts is comprised of more than 800 health indicators.

24/7 access to a doctor by phone call, mobile, or online video.

Uniform Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms
This glossary includes many commonly used health coverage and medical terms. It isn’t a complete list. These terms and definitions are meant to be educational. They may differ from the terms and definitions for a specific plan.