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Jan 08
Traditional vs. Self-funded Health Care

In the healthcare industry, one of the most common debates is, “is a traditional or self-funded health care plan better for an organization?”. As...

By Tina Pelland
Dec 04
Engaged Management — Making Self-Insurance Better Than Ever

At Varipro, one aspect of our services that we like to highlight is engaged management. We’ve also learned that engaged management is not always...

By DVS-Arbiter
Nov 06
Self Insured Medical Plans — Are they worth the risk?

What is self-funded insurance? Self-funded insurance is when employers directly pay for employees health and workplace benefits, rather than buying coverage from an insurance...

By Christina Bialas
Oct 16
Cost Variance — A key tool for self-funded budgeting

What is Cost Variance? Cost variance, in the healthcare industry, is a budgeting term that represents the difference between a budgeted amount and the...

By Christina Bialas
Oct 09
Stop-Loss Insurance — The Hero of Self-Funded Healthcare

One of, if not the most common concern employers have when self-funding employee benefits is, “what if the cost becomes too high?”. It’s an...

By Tina Pelland
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