BCI Services Portal



As you may have heard, BCI Administrators was acquired by Varipro last October. The mybci.com portal will soon become Varipro.com around the second quarter of 2018. You will be able to access your Dental, Vision, and STD claim information at www.varipro.com and Register under Member and WLT. You can access your claim, authorization, and reimbursement forms on the Members page.

For Flex and Cobra Benefits you can still use the following portal www.myrsc.com. If you have not registered or have questions, please contact us at info@mybci.com.

A communication will be forwarded at enrollment with instructions on how to register and signup.

Thank you

The Varipro Team


Note to Providers: You will also be able to sign up to access patient information through the same portal above at www.varipro.com.